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Peter Sprague Plays Pat Metheny
L>R: Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums), Leonard Patton (voice); Not pictured: Peter Sprague (guitar), John Opferkuch (piano)
Dec. 10, 2005 @ Dizzy's, San Diego, CA

L>R: Paul Holtz (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Jon Garner (guitar), Kevin Koch (drums)
Nov. 16, 2005 @ Dizzy's, San Diego, CA

Henry Mancini Institute, Christian McBride Workshop
L>R: Joseph Johnson, Brandon Mitchell, Christian McBride, Marco Panascia, Chris Finet, Justin Grinnell
July 28, 2005 @ University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Yavaz @ Lake Murray July 4th Music Fest and Fireworks
L>R: Bill Shreeve (saxophones, percussion), Nelson Ortiz (percussion), Drew Yantis (drums), Barry Bedore (guitar), Justin Grinnell (bass), Melonie Sacalamitao (piano)
July 4, 2005 @ Lake Murray Community Park, San Diego, CA

Justin Grinnell's SDSU Graduate Recital
L>R: Melonie Sacalamitao (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Nathan Hubbard (drums), Jason Robinson (tenor sax)
Apr. 7, 2005 @ San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Nathan Hubbard's Adrian Rollini Trio with special guest Ward Baxter
L>R: Nathan Hubbard (vibraphone), Ward Baxter (bass clarinet), Andrew Burton (drums), Justin Grinnell (bass)
Mar. 27, 2005 @ Tugboat Brewing Co., Portland, OR

John Reynolds' SDSU Graduate Recital
L>R: Dave Holland (saxophone), Mike Cannon (drums), Ian Tordella (saxophone), Justin Grinnell (bass), Melonie Sacalamitao (piano), Peter Titterington (trombone), John Reynolds (trumpet)
Mar. 18, 2005 @ San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Scott Kyle Quintet Recording Session
L>R: Justin Grinnell (bass), Christopher Hollyday (alto sax), Scott Kyle (trombone); Not pictured: Rob Lawson (guitar), Dave Pschaida (drums)
Feb. 2005 @ Private Home, San Diego, CA
[Photo by Doug Meeuwson]
[Listen to Scott Kyle's album Full Circle on Spotify]

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Peter Sprague Plays Pat Metheny
Peter Sprague (guitar), Leonard Patton (voice), John Opferkuch (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Jan. 28, 2005 @ Dizzy's, San Diego, CA

Dave Scott Quintet
Dave Scott (trombone, voice), Bill Shreeve (saxophones), Lynn Willard (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Gary Nieves (drums)
Jan. 03, 2005 @ Croce's Jazz Bar, San Diego, CA
[Photo by Anton Orlov]

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