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:: biography

JUSTIN GRINNELL is a San Diego-based freelance jazz bassist and music educator. More importantly, he is a husband to pianist/educator Melonie Grinnell and father to their two sons.

Justin frequently performs with his own groups and as a sideman [Click on :: itinerary :: to see where Justin is performing next]. He is often performing with San Diego's most respected jazz artists, including Holly Hofmann, Christopher Hollyday, Duncan Moore, Jim Plank, Richard Sellers, Peter Sprague, Tripp Sprague, Mike Wofford, and Mikan Zlatkovich.

Justin is a long-standing member of the Danny Green Trio (with pianist Danny Green and drummer Julien Cantelm), a melodic and nimble piano trio featuring Green's original compositions and his creative combination of Modern Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, and Classical influences [Click on :: video :: to check out videos of the trio performing]. Since its inception in 2008, the trio has released five albums: With You In Mind (2009), A Thousand Ways Home (2012), After The Calm (2014), Altered Narratives (2016), and One Day It Will (2018).

Since 2015, the Danny Green Trio has teamed up with vocalist Leonard Patton to form LP And The Vinyl, a collaborative project reconstructing popular music ("from The Beatles to Bowie") with a jazz toolbox. The quartet released its debut album, Heard And Seen (Origin Records), in April 2020 [Click on :: video :: to check out videos of LP And The Vinyl performing].

Justin can be heard performing his own compositions and arrangements on his 2013 debut album, Without You [Click on :: music :: to hear the album]. The album features Justin on acoustic and electric bass alongside tenor saxophonist Robby Marshall, pianist Josh Nelson, and drummer Dan Schnelle.

In addition to performing, Justin maintains an active teaching schedule as adjunct faculty at University of San Diego and Grossmont College, and as faculty for the Francis Parker Annual Summer Jazz Workshop. He has also served as an adjudicator and clinician at local music festivals, such as the Coronado Jazz Festival and the San Diego Bass Fest.

Justin received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Jazz Performance from San Diego State University while studying with bassists Gunnar Biggs and Bert Turetzky. Justin also achieved ABD (all but dissertation) status for a doctoral degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Southern California. Besides studying privately with Los Angeles' first-call jazz bassist, Darek Oles, Justin's enrollment at USC gave him the opportunity to study with internationally-recognized jazz artists Peter Erskine, Russ Ferrante, Bob Mintzer, and Alan Pasqua.

Justin Grinnell is a member of the San Diego Music Union, American Federation of Musicians, Local 325.

:: Selected Discography

Peter Sprague :: Wise One: Peter Sprague Plays Coltrane (Aug 2023)

Peter Sprague :: So Far Away: Peter Sprague Plays Carole King (Apr 2023)

Peter Sprague :: Spinning In Infinity: Peter Sprague Plays Paul Simon (Jan 2023)

David Borgo :: Cautiously Optimistic (Dec 2022)

Peter Sprague :: Day Tripper: Peter Sprague Plays The Beatles (Sep 2022)

Sonic Colossus Jazz Orchestra :: On A Clear Day (July 2022)

Peter Sprague :: Plays Pat Metheny, Vol. 1 & 2 (Mar 2022)

Peter Sprague :: River (Feb 2022)

LP And The Vinyl :: Heard And Seen (Apr 2020)

Danny Green :: One Day It Will (2018)

Danny Green :: Altered Narratives (2016)

Danny Green :: After the Calm (2014)

Nathan Hubbard :: Encinitas and Everything After (2014)

Dmitri Matheny :: Sagebrush Rebellion (2014)

Justin Grinnell :: Without You (Dec 2013)

Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra :: Wgasa Jam (2013)

Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed :: New Encinitas (2013)

Danny Green :: A Thousand Ways Home (2012)

Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed :: This Middle Ground (2012)

Danny Green :: With You In Mind (2009)

Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed :: Bring Back The Gasmask (2009)

Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra :: Nutville (2007)

Scott Kyle :: Facing East (2007)

Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed :: if memory serves (2007)

ARC Trio :: Triptych Mirror (2006)

Nathan Hubbard :: (compositions 1998-2005) (2006)

Scott Kyle :: Full Circle (2005)

Nathan Hubbard :: Skeleton Key Orchestra (2004)

San Diego State University Jazz Ensemble I :: Where's My Hasenpfeffer? (2003)

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