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Melonie & Justin Grinnell Duo at Southwestern College Choral Pops Concert
Melonie Grinnell (voice), Justin Grinnell (bass)
Sep 19, 2010 @ Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

Robin And The Seven Hoods
Pit Orchestra: Mark Hummel (conductor), Ed Goldschneider (keyboard), Paul Sundfor (woodwinds), Deborah Avery (woodwinds), John Reilly (woodwinds), John Rekevics (woodwinds), Brad Steinwehe (trumpet), Karl Soukup (trumpet), Andrew Elstob (trumpet), David Pollock (trombone), Peter Connell (trombone), Justin Grinnell (bass), Brad Briscoe (drums)
July-Aug 2010 @ Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA

[YouTube Video - Audio Only]
Scott Kyle & Paul Nowell Quintet Perform "The Nearness of You" At Bonefest!
Scott Kyle (trombone), Paul Nowell (trombone), John Opferkuch (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Mike Holguin (drums)
Other trombonists featured at Bonefest: Gary Bucher, Kevin Esposito, Dan Reagan, Dave Scott, Matt Smith, Greg Sorcsek, April West, Roger Wright, Bill Yeager
June 13, 2010 @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center), San Diego, CA

Gilbert Castellanos New Latin Quintet
L>R: Gilbert Castellanos (trumpet), Tommy Aros (percussion), Brett Sanders (drums), Justin Grinnell (bass), Irving Flores (piano)
June 10, 2010 @ Croce's Jazz Bar, San Diego, CA

John Reynolds Quintet
John Reynolds (trumpet), Ian Tordella (tenor sax), Jaeryoung Lee (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Jake Reed (drums)
Mar 21, 2010 @ Tango Del Rey, San Diego, CA

Danny Green Quartet
Danny Green (piano), Eva Scow (mandolin), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Mar 12, 2010 @ San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA

[YouTube Video]

Nathan Hubbard's The Rubberband "standstill:convergence"
Kris Apple (violin), Ray Suen (violin), Joe Bigham (guitar), Andrew Gottlieb (guitar), Sam Lopez (guitar), Nina Flowers (piano), Nazo Zakkak (piano), Justin Grinnell (contrabass), Harley Magsino (contrabass), Nathan Hubbard (harpophone, electronics)
Recorded Feb 27, 2010 @ Palomar College, San Marcos, CA

Leonard Patton's Annual Valentine's Tribute To Louis & Ella
L>R: Ed Kornhauser (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Jeremy Pelt (trumpet), Duncan Moore (drums)
Not pictured: Leonard Patton (voice), Rachael Messini (voice)
Feb 14, 2010 @ Dizzy's, San Diego, CA

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