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LP And The Vinyl performs "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
Leonard Patton (voice), Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Mar. 4, 2023 @ ASU Kerr Cultural Center, Scottsdale, AZ
[Listen to LP And The Vinyl perform "I Can't Help It"]

LP And The Vinyl
Leonard Patton (voice), Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Mar. 1, 2023 @ Flickinger Center For Performing Arts, Alamogordo, NM
[Photo by Alan Higgins]

Jonathan Karrant "Reimagined: Soulful Hits of the 70s"
Jonathan Karrant (voice), Joshua White (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Feb. 26, 2023 @ Old Town Temecula Community Theater, Temecula, CA
[Photo by Angie Clement-Cromwell]

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Camarada Presents Sacha Boutros "From Paris With Love"
Sacha Boutros (voice), Beth Ross Buckley (flute), David Buckley (violin), Joe Amato (guitar), Jon Garner (guitar), Justin Grinnell (bass)
Feb. 25, 2023 @ Bread & Salt, San Diego, CA
[Watch the entire unedited concert on Facebook]

"Camarada's Little Bit of Paris in Barrio Logan" by Ken Hernan, San Diego Story (Feb. 28, 2023)
Conjuring the atmosphere of Parisian cabaret in Barrio Logan on Saturday, Camarada offered its entertaining program "From Paris, with Love." Artistic Director Beth Ross Buckley sagely brought in vocalist Sacha Boutros and her band to give the vocal repertory center stage, while she and violinist David Buckley added welcome obbligatos to some of the songs. ... Boutros' instrumentalists provided plush but propulsive textures that buoyed the vocalist, always immaculately tailored to her mood. ... bassist Justin Grinnell provided unusually inventive support. ... The band — Garner, Amato, and Grinnell — gave a rousing instrumental interpretation of "Minor Swing" ... They should have played more!

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Leonard Patton's Annual Valentine's Tribute To Louis & Ella (show 6 of 6)
Leonard Patton (voice), Teryn Ré (voice), Jason Hanna (trumpet), Ed Kornhauser (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Feb 18, 2023 @ The Jazz Lounge, San Diego, CA

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Leonard Patton's Annual Valentine's Tribute To Louis & Ella (show 4 of 6)
Leonard Patton (voice), Cobby Brzeski (voice), Steve Dillard (trumpet), Ed Kornhauser (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Feb 16, 2023 @ The Jazz Lounge, San Diego, CA

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Leonard Patton's Annual Valentine's Tribute To Louis & Ella (show 2 of 6)
Leonard Patton (voice), Cathy Segal-Garcia (voice), Steve Dillard (trumpet), Ed Kornhauser (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Feb 14, 2023 @ The Jazz Lounge, San Diego, CA

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Danny Green Trio Performs "A Day In The Life"
Danny Green (piano, arrangement), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Jan. 27, 2023 @ Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, San Clemente, CA

Tyson Fok Interviews Justin Grinnell
On Episode 16 of Tyson Fok's podcast, What The Hell Is Water?, "Tyson chats with Justin about justice, waiting, and not sweating the technique!"
What The Hell Is Water?, Episode 16: "JUSTIN GRINNELL: WTH is ... letters put together?!"
Released Jan. 16, 2023
[Listen to What The Hell Is Water?, Episode 16, on Spotify]

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Peter Sprague Album Release - Spinning In Infinity: Peter Sprague Plays Paul Simon
Peter Sprague (guitar, arrangements), Allison Adams Tucker (voice), Tripp Sprague (tenor sax, piano), Justin Grinnell (double bass, electric bass), Duncan Moore (drums), Lisa Hightower (voice on "You Can Call Me Al")
Released Jan. 4, 2023

Cynthia Hammond & The Smokin' Jays
L>R: Jim Storey (guitar), Jay Hearn (drums), Cynthia Hammond (voice), Justin Grinnell (bass)
2001-ish @ Juke Joint, San Diego, CA

RIP Jim Storey - My first steady gig was on Wednesday nights from Dec 2000 to Aug 2001 at the Juke Joint (4th Ave) with vocalist Cynthia Hammond. Cynthia's band was usually made up of guitarist Jim Storey, drummer Jay Hearn, and me on bass. At some point, we started referring to ourselves as Cynthia Hammond & The Smokin' Jays, but I don't think we ever advertised that name. While playing our steady gig, we also did a couple of shows at Dizzy's (7th Ave) and recorded a demo album. In 2000-2001, I was essentially a beginner jazz musician. I was reading every tune, even the most well-known standards, out of my fake book. I have fond memories of working with Jim. He was always encouraging and we laughed a lot during our breaks. (JG, 2023/01/04)

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Peter Sprague and the Tribute Rebels Perform "Sing Your Song" (Composed by Justin Grinnell)
Peter Sprague (guitar), Tripp Sprague (tenor sax), Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Published Jan. 3, 2023
[Originally performed during "Live(ish) at SpragueLand Episode 26 Peter Sprague Plays Songs of Home" on Jan. 28, 2022]

Melonie Grinnell Trio
L>R: Justin Grinnell (bass), Melonie Grinnell (piano), D'Vonne Lewis (drums)
Jan. 1, 2023 @ The Historic Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA

:: some 2022 highlights

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David Borgo Album Release - Cautiously Optimistic
David Borgo (tenor saxophone), Peter Sprague (guitar), Alan Eicher (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Released Dec. 14-25, 2022 (one video per day)

Justin Grinnell Song Release
Justin Grinnell's song, "Letters Put Together," is now the theme song for Tyson Fok's podcast, "What The Hell Is Water?" The song features Paul Seaforth (trumpet), David Borgo (tenor sax), Melonie Grinnell (piano), Richard Sellers (drums) & Justin Grinnell (bass)
What The Hell Is Water?, Episode 4, Released Aug. 20, 2022
[Listen to the podcast on Spotify]
[Listen to the whole song on YouTube]

Peter Sprague Album Release - Day Tripper: Peter Sprague Plays The Beatles
Peter Sprague (guitar), Rebecca Jade (voice), Tripp Sprague (sax, flute, piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), & Duncan Moore (drums)
Released Sep. 1, 2022
[Listen to the album on Spotify and YouTube]
[Watch the original livestream on YouTube: Live(ish) at Spragueland, Episode 30]
[Nominated for a 2023 San Diego Music Award for "Best Jazz Album"]

The Beatles are one of my all-time favorite bands and I like to take their songs and warp them into my jazz point of view. ... I experiment ... and work at it until I get what feels fresh and new but still feeling like a Beatles tune. ... what good fortune I have to work with my favorite musos and my favorite Rebecca Jade on vocals. []

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