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:: this just-in!

Christopher Hollyday Quartet
Christopher Hollyday (alto sax), Bob Boss (guitar), Justin Grinnell (bass), Tyler Kreutel (drums)
Jan. 8, 2022 @ Black Rail Kitchen & Bar, Carlsbad, CA
[Photo by Ken Laster]

:: some 2021 highlights

Holly Hofmann Quartet
Holly Hofmann (flute), Mike Wofford (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Jim Plank (drums)
Dec. 22, 2021 @ Il Sogno Italiano, San Diego, CA
[Photo by Sacha Boutros]

[YouTube Video]

Peter Sprague's Live(ish) at SpragueLand Episode 25 "Peter Sprague Plays The Holidays" [full concert]
Peter Sprague (guitar), Pamela Pendrell (voice), Lisa Hightower (voice), Kate Sprague (voice), Tripp Sprague (soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, EWI, harmonica), Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (acoustic & electric bass), Duncan Moore (drums)
Dec. 21, 2021 @ Spragueland Studio, Encinitas, CA

[Facebook Video]

Matt DiBiase Quartet [full concert]
Matt DiBiase (vibes), Nick Sanders (keys), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Dec. 4, 2021 @ The Jazz Lounge, San Diego, CA

Gilbert Castellanos Quartet
Gilbert Castellanos (trumpet), Joshua White (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Tyler Kreutel (drums)
Oct. 22, 2021 @ The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, CA
[Image from video by Irina Shageryan]

Can You Hear Me? A Tribute To San Diego Jazz Musicians During The Pandemic by Michelle Zousner
All About Jazz, August 28, 2021
[Photo by Michelle Zousner]

It's been an extraordinarily difficult year for the live music industry due to the pandemic. ... This project is to highlight local San Diego jazz musicians who thought outside the box to help our communities come out the other side of this crisis stronger, healthier, more connected and empathetic than ever. ... I wondered how these talented musicians were doing through this difficult time. ... I went on a photographic journey to tell the story of how they fared through the pandemic. I found a group of people demonstrating resiliency, creativity, and passion.

2021 Francis Parker Summer Jazz Workshop Faculty
L > R: Danny Green, Justin Grinnell, Melonie Grinnell, Nathan Jarrell, Ian Tordella, Derek Cannon, Leonard Patton, Mike Holguin, Tommy Collins, Nathan Collins (guest artist & alumni)
July 17, 2021 @ Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA
[Photo by Molly Jarrell]

[YouTube Video]

Danny Green Trio "Live(ish) From Spragueland"
[Live Remote Concert]
Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Feb. 27, 2021 @ Spragueland Studio, Encinitas, CA

[YouTube Video]

LP And The Vinyl "Live(ish) From Spragueland"
[Live Remote Concert]
Leonard Patton (voice), Danny Green (piano), Justin Grinnell (bass), Julien Cantelm (drums)
Jan. 16, 2021 @ Spragueland Studio, Encinitas, CA

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